Monthly Ministry Highlights

May 2021

OUR MISSION — Atlas exists to serve the people of Lincoln through local, intentional, and relational Christ-based peer-support.
“Together touching lives for Christ.”
“If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up!” Ecclesiastes 4:10

Because we are born out of Christ’s love, and commanded to take and multiply that love in the face of the needs we see every day:
†Helping the Hurting – Atlas provides a loving environment to walk beside (listening, encouraging, discipling, praying) individuals and families in times of need and pain.

Because we are not able to address this need alone, but going with Jesus and our brothers and sisters as the Church:
†Equipping followers of Jesus Christ – Atlas empowers and equips emotionally and spiritually mature individuals from various Christian churches to become mentors to those that are hurting. The mentors are the ones who will continue to provide the loving care, encouragement, and accountability to help individuals achieve and sustain a healthy and abundant life.

Because we go together with our unique gifts in love, compassion, and humility to pursue Christ’s redemptive work in the world:
†Uniting the Community – Atlas works with Christ-centered churches from many denominations. In addition, Atlas works with and refers to many of the existing resource organizations throughout the community in an effort not to duplicate services already available.

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April 2021

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Immerse is a local non-profit that brings students from around the country to Lincoln to serve. Immerse participants find their home at F Street Neighborhood Church at 13th and F Street. Each group comes to Lincoln from Tuesday to Sunday and enjoys a diversity of service experiences. Each of the Immerse groups will take children from the People’s City Mission on field trips, volunteer at the Charity Auto’s program at the Northern Lighthouse (a program that offers free mechanical labor to people in need), offer children’s programming in the near south neighborhood, and help out multiple other organizations and families in need.

If you know a family who could use a little help—gutters cleaned, a shed painted, a lawn cared for, boxes moved—Immerse is here to help! We can do half-day or full-day service projects with about 6-10 students and adult volunteers. We love to serve anyone who could use some help and encouragement.  

The goal of the Immerse program is to inspire youth to be passionate about God and compassionate toward people. Throughout their week in Lincoln, they not only spend time serving, but also reading and learning about the Bible, hearing people’s stories, and enjoying the sights and sounds of our great neighborhood and city. If you see a group of student walking around our neighborhood, be sure to welcome them! They just may be a group of high school students from Minnesota or Iowa, here to serve and connect with our neighborhood.

Immerse Teams in Service and Fellowship