About Us

Transformations Thrift Store is nestled in a residential area in the Near South Neighborhood of Lincoln, NE.  We are a not-for-profit business providing financial support to the adult mentoring ministry Atlas:Lincoln.  Aside from the director and resource manager we are volunteer operated.  We were established out of a dream to have a place conveniently located for outreach, fellowship and building relationships in this neighborhood. We work hard to make sure our store is inviting and comfortable and the merchandise is in good repair, of high quality and competitively priced. 

When you shop at Transformations, you help provide:

Financial support for Atlas:Lincoln

Volunteer opportunities for people who may not be able to volunteer elsewhere

A central place where people can come to shop, share in conversation, and be known

We love being allowed to be a part of this neighborhood and we love being able to serve you.  Thank you for supporting us.

Our Vision

“To transform our community by loving our neighbors.”

Transformations Thrift store is a 501c3 non-profit.

Just a little more about who we are, what we do and why . https://soundcloud.com/mybridgeradio/morning-conversation-with-cece-robinson

Thrift Stores are everywhere.  As a matter of fact I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve spoken with that seek them out on vacation in a new town or city.  It’s as if they say something about the place, the people and the culture.  So what makes ours different?  We want to be a place known for our engagement with people.  We work to be “that little neighborhood store” that people feel at home in.  Come in and say “Hi”.

Our Mission

“To serve the community by providing clean, gently-used items at low prices and providing opportunities to those in the community to work and grow in a healthy, Christ-centered environment.”

Our dream

To provide low-cost, high quality goods to the people of the neighborhood:

Our goal is to be a blessing to the residents of the downtown area by providing necessary household goods and clothing at a reasonable cost and at an accessible location.

To be a center for Relationships Restoration:

Transformations is a place where people can come and talk and care for one another. Our hope is that a friendly atmosphere and warm smiles will serve as a catalyst for ministry and relational connection. Transformations will also provide volunteer opportunities that can offer meaning and purpose.

To Raise Funds for Atlas: Lincoln:

The profits generated by transformations Thrift Store will support the ministry of Atlas, a mentoring ministry that walks alongside those who are hurting. For more information on Atlas go to: http://www.atlaslincoln.org



Brody Van Roekel

Vice President

Jeff Gottwald


Kayla Wilson


Kyle Vanderpol

Board Member

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Board Member

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Board Member

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Board Member

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