Application Process

Hi! My name is Andrea, I am the Resource Manager at Transformations. I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at Transformations Thrift Store.  It is no secret that our volunteers are vital to the success of our store.

Becoming a volunteer at Transformations isn’t hard, but there is a process.

  1. Thoroughly read through the Transformations Volunteer Positions and Expectations.
  2. Fill out and submit the application.
  3. Our store Director CeCe and I will go over your application together. We will reach out to you within 2 business days to schedule an interview with you or to let you know that we are not able to accept new volunteer applicants at this time.

That’s it!  The turnaround time from filling out your application to beginning volunteer hours in the store could be 5-7 business days.

Each shift can look different from day to day depending on the needs of the store.

Some days we will need help at the register with assisting customers and checking them out. Other times you will be helping bring in donations or working in the basement to sort, hang up, and price clothing to bring up to the sales floor. Then there will be times we need floors swept, shelves dusted, or trash taken out. It just depends on the day.

If you have any further questions regarding volunteering at our store, please feel free to reach out to me at the email listed below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Volunteer Application

Emergency Contact

Please note that Transformations does have stairs and that volunteers are asked to assist in carrying donations up and down the stairs and help with restocking the floor which requires the lifting of items.