Transformations Volunteer
Positions and Expectations

Cashier Position

Skills Desired

  • Friendly & Outgoing
  • Able to handle a variety of situations
  • Know and be able to talk about who we are, what we do and the mission we support
  • Problem Solver
  • Self Driven – sweep during slow time, straighten out clothing racks (color coordinate, check fitting rooms, etc…)
  • Able to speak and understand English

Position Requirements

  • Volunteer must be dressed appropriately in attire that allows them to move around, and assist customers as needed. While covering the parts of the body that should remain covered.
  • Able to train and then operate the POS system we use.
  • Assist customers with getting items on shelves or pallets that they wish to purchase.
  • Assist donors with donations or get someone that can.
  • Keep counter area clean and free from clutter
  • Clean out fittings rooms as needed and place clothes back on racks.
  • Complete tasks not listed above but need to be done per management

Sorting/Pricing/Staging Position

Skills Desired

  • Knowledge of current fashion trends
  • Detail oriented
  • Brand Knowledge
  • Retail Pricing Knowledge
  • Able to do stairs
  • Able to Speak and understand English
  • No lifting restrictions (need to be able to lift 20-40lbs)
  • Self-Driven
  • Need to be able to work independently

Position Requirements (Hard goods)

  • Process new donations that need processed. Throwing out broken or items that don’t meet our standards of quality.
  • Clean items that need cleaned up
  • Check to ensure electronics or battery-operated items work, mark them as checked.
  • Price items that are ready to go upstairs and put them in the right space on the sales floor.
  • Place holiday items in labeled tote for Andrea to sort.
  • When the trash is full take It outside to the dumpster.
  • Break down cardboard boxes as needed and take to recycling.
  • Complete tasks not listed above but need to be done per management.

Position Requirements (Clothing)

  • Process new clothing donations checking for stains, rips and cleanliness.
  • Place “off season” items in recycling bags unless they are brand new or exceptional and we have room for them in the designated tote for that item.
  • Items that are kept are placed in the large rolling carts.
  • Items placed in cart will then be hung up, organized according to sex and size and priced based on item, value and condition.
  • Once these items are priced, they are taken upstairs and put on the floor.
  • Shoes are sorted and put immediately on the sales floor if there is room. If not, they are placed in correct storage bins. If bins are full the shoes are NOT kept. Unless they are in brand like new condition with approval from Cece or Andrea
  • Clothing that is not kept is place in contractor bags and placed in the corner to be taken upstairs on Saturday.
  • Trash that is full is taken to the dumpster as needed.
  • Cardboard boxes are broken down and taken to recycling bins outside as needed.
  • Complete tasks not listed above but need to be done per management.